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What the heck IS bankruptcy, anyway?

Bottom line:  A safety net and magic resurrection machine.

No one wins when an otherwise productive, contributing member of society is essentially disabled by their temporary inability to keep up with their debts.

So, Congress has, through the Bankruptcy Code, established procedures to give a fresh start and second chance to those who would might otherwise simply “drop out” of life as it could and should be.  This benefits the bankruptcy debtor and his or her specific creditors and the economy at large, as I’ll explain below.

If you’re unable to pay your debts, what typically happens?:

  • Your productivity and creativity (not to mention your mental and physical health and personal relationships) suffer under the stress of fighting off creditors and their collection agencies and lawyers.
  • You are consequently unable to give proper attention to your work and personal life.
  • Not only are you unable to pay your current debts, you’re almost certainly not able to incur new debt or to purchase new products and services.  The economy stagnates [see, for example, 2008-2009(?)].

CONCLUSION:  You are one sick puppy who can’t find your mom, let alone run with the pack any more.

Enter bankruptcy:  Once relieved of the impossible burden of your past debt load, you’re able to give proper attention and effort to your life again, and your creditors and the overall economy benefit because you’re once again able to be a consumer of their products and services.

If you really need to file, bankruptcy is truly a win-win proposition.

Thanks for your time and interest!

Attorney Mark R. Emmett

Consumer Bankruptcy Lawyer and Advocate Since 1978

Member National Association of Consumer Bankruptcy Attorneys


Bankruptcy Basics

Here’s a great resource for the basics.